The Hotel Technology You Need To Be Using

IQware Hotel Technology

running-travelerSavvy hoteliers know that technology can have a huge impact on the guest experience…but what technology do you actually need to power a hotel’s operations?

If you’re wondering what the answer to that question is, well that’s what this article is all about!

Let’s note one thing right off the bat – this isn’t about the “minimum” hotel technology you must have in place to make things operate. Rather, it’s about defining the platform you need to deliver an exceptional guest experience.

So without further ado, here’s what your property needs…

Systems that Make Reservations Seamless

A guest will book online, direct, or be reserved via a travel agent. Let’s breakdown the hotel technology stack you need to manage those different sources.

Reservations need to go somewhere, and that system is your property management system (PMS) – unless you’re working for a multi-property operation and then you’ll also have a central reservation system being utilized, which aggregates reservation info for these more complex operations.

When a guest books online they’ll probably do so through an online travel agency (OTA) like Expedia. You can manage your inventory manually but that’s highly limiting. Instead, you’ll want to use a channel manager which will allow you to easily list your rooms on multiple OTAs. When a room is booked the reservation info will flow through the channel manager to your PMS, update the PMS, and then the PMS will update the channel manager with your now reduced inventory. GDS bookings through a travel agent can be managed in the same way.

A guest who books direct through your website will do so though a booking engine. Essentially this is an estore specifically designed for hotels – it shows your available inventory, pictures of rooms, descriptions, rates, and allows guests to reserve rooms.

Systems for Smooth Guest Experiences

A mobile guest app will let guests check themselves in-and-out and can serve as a tool for guests to get information about your hotel and the surrounding area (these apps have a good amount of up-sell potential and can quickly pay for themselves).

You want to sell things to your guests, the items you sell get processed via a point of sale system, which is the software that powers your cash registers.

Finally, one of the worst things that can happen to a guest is having something break down. Whether it’s the air conditioner on a hot day or the pool being shut down for maintenance, you want to avoid these kind of outages. Asset & guest management software can go a long way in helping you prevent these miserable guest experiences.

What Does All This Hotel Technology Look Like?

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