PMS Buyer’s Guide Part 2: PMS & Your Property

IQware PMS Software

resort-propertyWhat features do you absolutely need in your PMS? In this blog post we’ll cover two of the most important so you select property management software that works well with your specific property.

At the core, PMS software is designed to streamline basic operational tasks that need to be frequently completed by the front desk, sales team, management, and so forth.

There are a lot of different departments that utilize your PMS, which is why it’s so important that the software work with your specific property – if it doesn’t then a lot of people end up wasting time fighting with the software.

What exactly does it mean for property management software to work with your property? Read on to find out.

Property Specific Features Are a Must

PMS software should be an ideal fit to your property or properties. You should never feel like the software doesn’t quite align to your organization or that your staff are battling with the software just to get basic tasks completed.

There are two things that really matter when it comes to a PMS that works with your property:

1. The PMS should be customizable to your property.
2. Most PMS software will work great for a standard single-property hotel, but not necessarily for different property types.

Let’s explore each of these points.

PMS Systems Should Be Customizable to Your Property

This means that your building(s), rooms, room-types, and room features should be stored in the PMS. Do you need to run a specific kind of report for your hotel? The PMS should be able to generate it.

Ensuring your PMS is able to handle property specific data is extremely important. Custom building information allows your front-line staff to give a better guest experience while taking reservations, allowing them to more closely line-up a guest’s needs and wants with hotel availability. Being able to see the available ocean-view rooms, for instance, is a nice touch that guests will appreciate through the reservation process.

For managers, the PMS’s reporting functionality should allow custom reports which make ongoing reporting a breeze.

Property Management Software for Properties Other than Hotels

Property management systems were designed for hotels, and if that’s what you operate the bulk of property management systems on the market will work with your property. However, if you manage timeshares, all-inclusive resorts, extended stays, condos, vacation rentals, or marina resorts the average PMS might not work great. These properties require different operating procedures that some PMS software may not be able to fulfill.

When selecting a PMS, make sure you spend the time to ensure the needs of your specific property can be met. Is there an owner portal available for timeshares? Can the owners be managed and billed? Is there a way to book slips for your marina resort?

There is no reason your PMS can’t be this tailored to your property.

At IQware the way we address property specific functionality is by having a core PMS solution and then providing property-specific enhancements as optional modules. For our customers this works great – if you don’t need the functionality it’s not in the software (and you’re not paying for something you’re not using) but if you do need it the module integrates perfectly into the PMS.

In our next post we’ll identify specific features that need to be in your PMS so your staff can get their jobs done.