Infographic: How Online Reviews Have Changed Hospitality

IQware Hotel Technology

yelling and online reviewsWe’re taking a brief break from our PMS buyer’s guide series to show you this great infographic on online reviews put together by Nerval.

We particularly like this infographic because it not only shares interesting figures (like that 95% of travelers trust online reviews, or that 50% of global travelers would not book a room if they haven’t read peer reviews online), but it also shares a methodology for responding to reviews.

Here are a few interesting things you’ll find on this infographic:

  • Hotels can increase their reviews by 147% just by responding to reviews.
  • When responding to reviews – good or bad – always keep the response professional and courteous because…
  • An aggressive or defensive management response will make travelers less likely to book that hotel.
  • The infographic even shows ways you can encourage guests to leave more reviews.

This is one of the best infographics we’ve seen lately so be sure to take a look.

You’ll find it by visiting this link.