How to Get More from Your Property Management Software

IQware PMS Software

resortAre you using your property management software to its full potential?

It’s never quite enough to install enterprise-level software and hope for the best. Each system and each hotel is different, and it’s worth putting in a little extra effort to ensure the platform is being used at the highest level possible.

In this article we’ll look at three things you can immediately put into action to help you get more from your property management software.

Make Sure Everyone is Adequately Trained

In the last 15 years software has gotten a lot easier to use. The days of the average user cracking open a manual are rare…but the idea that an employee can sit down and breeze through enterprise-level software without being familiar with all your systems and interfaces? That’s a little ambitious.

Your users are going to need some training.

We cannot stress this enough: with any piece of software, training is essential. This isn’t just about increasing adoption, a well-prepared team of staff can service guest needs better and faster.

A good training program will have three elements to it:

  1. Make sure all the day-to-day users are able to use the software proficiently
  2. Ensure managers are comfortable with more advanced sections, such as reporting
  3. Put (at least) one person in-charge of knowing the software well enough that they can train new employees

Customizing Property Management Software is Important

hotel atlantisThere are two parts to customization that can greatly streamline your hotel’s operations:

First, take the time to ensure your property management software matches your hotel’s operations and structure. This means loading your buildings, rooms, and each room’s unique attributes into the system. This will make the booking process much smoother and deliver a superior guest service.

Second, removing or hiding parts of the software your hotel doesn’t use reduces clutter on the screen. If there are parts of the software you’re not using, it can be worthwhile to simply hide or deactivate them.

Link Everything Together

Interfaces make all the difference when it comes to the efficiency and speed of your hotel’s operations. When every system communicates in real-time (or close to), not only is the guest experience seamless, you’ll also save your organization tons of time and headaches by not needing to manually sync data.

When everything links to your PMS it allows your retail operations to post charges to a guest’s room. A linked system feeds directly into your email platform so you never have to export and import .csv files again. Linking a PMS and a mobile guest app creates a seamless experience for the guest when they want to extend their stay or upgrade their room.

Linked systems are remarkably powerful but depending on the PMS system you choose, linking systems together can be very simple or very difficult. It’s something you should explore when purchasing your property management software

In Closing…

So there you have it, three ways you can get the most out of your PMS software: Make sure your people are properly trained, take the time to customize the software to your property, and ensure everything links together to build a seamless operation.