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What Is Asset & Guest Management Software?

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asset & guest management softwareLately you’ve probably been hearing a lot about asset & guest management software, the latest platform to take hospitality by storm. But…what exactly is it?

Well, if you take the best of a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) and task assignments, then throw in a system for managing guest requests, add in the ability to handle common hospitality operations like housekeeping and lost & found, you get asset & guest management software.

To bring it all together, asset & guest management software does three main things:

  1. It helps you protect your assets
  2. It facilitates maintenance and housekeeping management
  3. It makes it easy to fulfill guest requests

Let’s look at each of these items in-depth

Asset Protection Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated

Your property is packed with extremely valuable assets – every chair, table, square foot of carpet, your fitness facilities…not to mention the physical building(s) you have. Asset & guest management software will help you look after these all-important capital expenditures in several ways.

First, you’ll be able to extend the lifespan of your assets by performing regular inspections. All inspections can be scheduled in advance and are logged in the system so you’ll never have to go hunting for a report again.

Second, you’ll be able to store warranties, service contracts, and other documents, making it easy to know the status of your assets.

Finally, detailed asset and repair tracking will allow you to plan for asset replacement. You’ll be able to see how long assets have been in use, determine their remaining life span, and see when they’ll need to be replaced. You can even identify the items that are costing you more money than they should.

Manage Maintenance and Housekeeping

Keep your assets in tip-top shape by combining the power of preventive and corrective maintenance.

Corrective maintenance is the sort that your hotel performs all the time – when something breaks you send maintenance staff to fix it. With asset & guest management software you won’t be using a logbook, sticky notes, or walkie-talkies. Instead, breakages will be entered into the system and then automatically sent to the phone of the correct employee. Preventive maintenance is regular, scheduled repairs that are done before an asset breaks to keep it running in top-form.

Asset & guest management software will help you schedule preventive maintenance so you never miss a repair. Housekeeping can also be managed within this kind of system. Rooms, floors, and blocks of rooms to be cleaned can be assigned to specific housekeepers.

With maintenance and housekeeping employees will note the start and end time for each task they complete. This will let you identify which employees are the most effective.

Don’t Forget Guest Management

When a guest calls down with a request, this can be entered in the system the same way a breakage is. Tasks are created and sent to the appropriate employee’s mobile device for completion (this is a vastly superior system to sticky notes, and creates a log of all incidents and requests on your property).

You’ll also be able to identify guest moods, so you’ll know which guests are satisfied, neutral, or unhappy with their stay. Bring up a list of unhappy guests to go above and beyond delighting them, or ask your happy guests to give you a review online after their stay.

Watch a Video on Asset & Guest Management Software

Recently we hosted a webinar on this very topic. If you’d like to learn more and see asset & guest management software in action, be sure to check it out.

You can watch the video here.