PMS Interfaces

IQpms interfaces with more than 600 providers and devices, including IQware’s powerful suite of hospitality software and numerous 3rd party providers.

IQware Software Interfaces

3rd Party Interfaces

  • evalon
  • ingenico
  • siteminder
  • sabre
  • m3
  • alice
  • comtrol
  • pdc

IQpms Interface FAQ

We have interfaces with Siteminder and Sabre’s Synxis, but if you’re not already using these platforms we highly recommend IQlink, our own channel manager.
We have partnered with Comtrol to connect our PMS to as many hardware devices as possible. Be sure to check the Comtrol device list to see what hardware is supported.

We also offer interfaces to Ingenico for your payment processing needs, Wintone for ID scanning, and PDC for RFID wristbands. Our organization has created our own call accounting platform, but please note that it requires Comtrol connectivity.

Yes – our development team has a detailed (and rather lengthy) list of interfaces they’ll be releasing through 2017.
If this page doesn’t list an interface you use, please call us at (888) 221-2071 to confirm whether we can connect with your system of choice.

If we cannot interface with that system there are a few possibilities going forward:

  1. Don’t panic – the interface might be on our roadmap. When you call us please ask to find out.
  2. Consider switching to another provider that we do interface with.
  3. If there is a strong business case we may add your interface to our roadmap. We cannot fulfill all requests for interfaces, but it can’t hurt to ask!

We understand the importance of interfaces and are dedicated to working with you to ensure your property has the software and hardware functionality you require.

Yes we do, our REST API is used to link IQpms to a third party booking engine.

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