Guest Profile & History

Keep track of guest information, preferences, and history, then use this information to provide exceptional experiences.

  • IQpms screenshot - guest history
  • See a Complete History

    All guest activity is stored in IQpms, so you’ll be able to see past stay information including rooms and rates, booking type, source, and any rate codes applied. If you’re using the IQware loyalty program you’ll also see points accrued or spent during each stay.

  • Fully Customizable Guest Profile

    No two properties are exactly the same, so we built the IQpms guest profile to be fully customizable. Create custom fields and capture the information your property needs.

  • Integrated Survey Scores

    With an interface to IQware’s email platform you’ll be able to see survey scores in the guest profile. Hotel staff can use this information to identify a guest’s previous experiences at your property and improve if necessary.

Watch a Demo of IQpms

IQpms contains everything you need in an easy to use platform. Watch a demo to discover more.

Watch a Demo