IQguest – Hotel App

Engage with Guests, Grow Your Revenue

A Modern, Mobile Experience

IQguest serves as the central touchpoint for guests staying in your hotel. Not only is this app the modern, mobile experience guests are coming to expect, it will also grow your bottom line.

Features like mobile check-in, late check-out extensions, room upgrade options, special amenity requests, and customized messaging via push notifications provide a superior guest experience while increasing revenue.


Enhance Your Check-in Experience

Invite guests to check-in in advance of their arrival. While completing the simple process guests can choose to upgrade their room or purchase options such as golf packages, room service, and more.

With IQguest’s PMS integration all of this happens seamlessly with your existing operational structure.

Unleash the Power of Push Notifications

Use push notifications to send marketing messages to guests at the moment they’re most likely to purchase. Send notifications about happy hour right before it starts, offer discounts on packages in the morning, or anything else you desire.

You’re not limited to guests currently staying in your hotel. Send surveys to past guests and ask the happiest ones to review you online, or push special messages to VIPs before they arrive.

IQguest Hotel App Features

Custom Branding

IQguest is a customizable solution that looks and feels just like your company for a seamless guest experience.

PMS Integration

Integrates with your property management system in real time, providing simple and up-to-date functionality.

Express Check-In

Allow guests to bypass lines at the front desk by checking-in prior to their arrival, enhancing their stay.

Relevant Messaging

From pre-arrival notifications to personalized information after departure, IQguest will allow you to stay connected to guests.

Increase Revenue

Special offers, room upgrade options, and late check-out payments will increase your hotel’s revenue and RevPAR.

Guest Insight

Analytics will give insight into visitor behavior so you can know where revenue is coming from – and where it’s not.

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