New Ebook Available: IQware's PMS Buyer's Guide

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It’s not easy to decide which property management system is right for you. With so many choices available it’s hard to know where to start, never mind which one to actually pick. To help you out we have put together an overview ebook that breaks down the must-have PMS features, talks about how to find the best providers, and even offers advice on how much you should spend on your PMS software.

The Hotel Technology You Need To Be Using

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Savvy hoteliers know that technology can have a huge impact on the guest experience…but what technology do you actually need to power a hotel’s operations? If you’re wondering what the answer to that question is, well that’s what this article is all about!

The IQware Difference [Infographic]

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IQware is uniquely positioned to be your all-in-one hospitality software provider. If you’re just discovering us, this infographic will show you how our software helps hotels smoothly handle operations and deliver exceptional guest experiences.

How to Make Guests Fall in Love with Your Hotel

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All discernible metrics make one thing very clear: If you’re in the hospitality industry it’s essential that guests enjoy their stay with you. A happy guest is far more likely to return, far more likely to leave one of those oh-so-valuable positive reviews on tripadvisor, and far more likely to encourage their friends to book their travels with you.

PMS Buyer's Guide Part 7: PMS Security

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Today we’re going to look at PMS security which, for the most part, is a pretty simple topic. However, there are a couple of aspects worth mentioning. Rather than turning this into a giant post on security best practices (you can find that elsewhere by doing a quick search), we’re going to talk about two of the most important security factors that concern the hospitality industry: User access control and PCI for credit card processing.

PMS Buyer's Guide Part 6: Support Ongoing Development

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It’s been a couple of weeks since we had a new post in our PMS Buyer’s Guide series, so we’re due for another one. For those outside of the software industry, today’s post should peel back the curtain and be eye-opening to some of the industry’s inner workings.

PMS Buyer's Guide Part 5: Ease of Use

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When is the last time you read a manual for a piece of software you use in your personal life? Unless we miss our guess, the answer is probably…never. Spotify? Gmail? Dropbox? You don’t need to use a manual. How about your iPhone/Android? Nope. Did you ever think about why that is?

PMS Buyer's Guide Part 4: The Importance of Connectivity

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No matter what PMS software you choose, it is essential that it is able to link with other systems in your hotel. Interfacing a PMS with other hardware and software is one of the most powerful things you can do from an operational standpoint and as you’ll see it, can also positively impact the guest experience.

Infographic: How Online Reviews Have Changed Hospitality

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We’re taking a brief break from our PMS buyer’s guide series to show you this great infographic on online reviews put together by Nerval. We particularly like this infographic because it not only shares interesting figures (like that 95% of travelers trust online reviews, or that 50% of global travelers would not book a room if they haven’t read peer reviews online), but it also shares a methodology for responding to reviews.

PMS Buyer's Guide Part 3: Must-Have Features

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In our last post we talked about how your PMS should be customizable to your property-type. Today we’re going to cover the essential features your PMS must have. Modern PMS software is loaded with features – there are so many, in fact, that it wouldn’t be very prudent to list them all here. Instead we’re going to focus on the must-haves, the things your PMS absolutely needs to be able to do.