[Video] How Your Hotel Can Increase Revenue By Upselling More

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Yesterday we hosted a webinar that described the strategies hotels and other lodging companies can use to increase revenue by upselling more. Presented by IQware’s Kerry Brock and Stuart Butler of Fuel Travel, attendees caught some killer upsell tips from Kerry and saw firsthand from Stuart how hotels can put these strategies into action.

Why You Should Use A Purpose-Built Hotel POS (Point of Sale) System

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There are a lot of point of sale (POS) systems on the market. Unlike PMS systems, which are made just for property management, POS systems are used by every retailer under the sun which means there is a huge market for them and thus a very large number of providers. The sheer number of choices can make choosing difficult.

What Is The Guest Life Cycle?

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If you’re brand new to hospitality you may have heard the term “guest life cycle” thrown around a fair bit…but what exactly is the guest life cycle? Read on to find out. You can think of the guest life cycle as the four stages a guest goes through when lodging at a property – before they arrive in the hotel, when they arrive, while they’re staying, and after they’ve departed.

Infographic: How To Choose A PMS

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It’s not easy to choose a PMS. That’s why we created this infographic – to help you know what you need to in order to successfully choose the right one for your property. Need more information before you make your choice? Download our PMS buyer’s guide for more in-depth information.

Why You Need a Hotel App

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Hotel apps – do you even need one? What on earth do your guests need a mobile app for? Good questions. Actually, there are a number of reasons why…

tracNcare Featured in CIOReview Magazine

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We’re excited to announce that tracNcare, IQware’s asset & guest management platform, has recently been featured in CIOReview as one of the 20 most promising travel and hospitality solution providers of 2016. The article describes how tracNcare meets the needs of the hospitality industry and explains our motivation for creating the platform.