New from IQware: Free Online Training Sessions For All Customers

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Starting next week, on January 25th, we’re excited to begin hosting free training sessions for all IQware customers.

These training sessions will air twice a month and are going to be highly informative walk-throughs of how to accomplish specific tasks within our software – you won’t want to miss them.

In this post we’ll detail how you can get signed up for these ongoing sessions.

Step 1: Get on the Mailing List

Before each session we’re going to send a couple of emails notifying users of the upcoming session. You will want to join the mailing list to make sure you receive these notifications.

Join the mailing list here.

Step 2: Join the Session

Each email will inform you of the topic to be covered in the upcoming training session, as well as let you know when the session will air and how you can access it.

Our First Training Session: Building Rates in IQpms

In the first session we’ll show you how to build rates in IQpms. Make sure you join the mailing list to get the access information.