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(How We Became Hospitality Software Leaders)

Our Mission: To Serve As Your Single Source Technology Partner

IQware’s mission is to help the hospitality industry find, book, know, host, and keep their guests by serving as a complete software solution provider. Each year we invest millions into software development, ensuring that we stay at the cutting edge. Our powerful, easy to use, and integrated suite of applications allow hotels to streamline their operations and deliver exceptional guest experiences.

Our Story

IQware was founded in 1984, which in software terms is ages ago. While the majority of high-tech start-ups failed to succeed, we survived and thrived by listening to our customers and maintaining our singular focus on the hospitality sector.

Over the years we’ve experienced tremendous growth and rapid change but never lost sight of our mission – to become your single source technology partner, providing the world’s best and functionally rich hospitality software. You can see that commitment reflected in our values, which underpin our devotion to our customers’ success and everything we do.

Today we directly employ over 50 people with over 300 combined years of experience in the hospitality industry. Our hospitality software operates over 120,000 rooms generating over 3 billion dollars in annual gross revenue.

The future of the hospitality industry is marked with rapid change, but one thing is sure – technology will play a large, significant role in the success or failure of lodging establishments. At IQware we recognize this and believe providing our customers with the tools to Find, Book, Host, Know and Keep their guests will facilitate success. To accomplish this we stretched beyond the PMS, our core product, and developed additional integrated software solutions to leverage our development expertise and help conquer the challenges we see our customers confronting. The result is a true end-to-end hospitality solution that allows our partners to better manage and optimize all revenue channels, decrease operational costs, and increase margins.

I’m excited about the future of IQware and hope you share our vision and consider us your single source technology partner. Together, let’s shape the path of the hospitality Industry – now and in the future.

David Perkins, CEO

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